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We launched Project Light – a global art campaign for the right to sight, which we do in collaboration with Peek Vision. The campaign aims to increase public understanding, engagement and support for the right to sight. 36 million people in the world are blind, three quarters of them – from preventable or curable conditions.

We believe that everyone, everywhere, deserves access to good vision.

On 28 September, we opened in London a contemporary art exhibition called Shared Vision, which displays works across disciplines and mediums from sighted, partially-sighted and blind artists. el Seed, Rachel Gadsden, Sarah Sandman, Mark Haddon, and Sammy Baloji are among the renowned commissioned artists participating in Shared Vision.

Ultimately, over the next three years, our goal is to mobilise multiple contemporary artists from around the world, and tens of thousands of people, to contribute and push for change.

By raising global awareness, we aim to drive local action and influence policy makers to provide basic eye care for their citizens. Nobody should become or remain visually impaired when this can be prevented or cured.

Want to take action? See here how you can do this.