Fine Acts Sprints


Fine Acts Sprints is an original format developed by the Fine Acts Foundation, that explores the intersection of human rights and visual art and demonstrates the potential of art to communicate human rights messages in a creative and engaging way.

Visual artists – graphic designers, typographists, illustrators, filmmakers and photographers – are invited to a creative bootcamp to work on a specific topic. Participants are briefed by experts and then have 48 hours to develop and produce a visual artwork that communicates a respective message. All artists are supported by a high-profile pool of mentors (activists, journalists, nonprofit leaders and various creative professionals) and have a dedicated budget for the execution of the work. Fine Acts Sprints ends with a pop-up exhibition, open to the public.

NGOs and activists often lack the capacity and resources to make their work or campaigns visible. We know that powerful visual content will not only drive coverage but will foster empathy and push engagement. This is why all produced works are featured at our free image vault, under a Creative Commons Licence, so that non-profit organisations and activists from all over the world can use them for their campaigns and communications, be it on social media, or offline, printing them out as posters for marches/protests.

The first Sprint edition took place in February 2019 and focused on women’s rights. We will be holding a number of thematic events, ranging from LGBTQ+ rights to Freedom of expression, by the end of 2019.

See how the pilot Sprints event unfolded.

Browse The Ammo, our free vault with carefully curated socially engaged visual content, open to anyone to use or adapt non commercially.

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