We are so proud: Fine Acts collaborator Laura Boushnak's powerful talk about the horrid aftermath of cluster bombs is live on TED.com.

In this talk, Laura shares haunting photos of cluster bomb survivors and asks those who still produce and condone the use of these weapons, including the United States, to abandon them.

One photo from Laura’s featured Survivor series is part of Fine Acts' first collection, PEACE: Mohammed’s prosthetic legs lay on the sofa at his home in the Palestinian refugee camp of Rashidiyeh, in Tyre, southern Lebanon.

Survivor is a photographic exhibition that focuses on cluster bombs a world problem, as these munitions keep destroying and hurting whole communities for generations to come. Laura Boushnak has been photographing Mohammed for 10 years, following his transition from a child to a young man, his life increasingly becoming harder. 

Mohammed lost both legs when he was sitting behind his father on a motorbike and drove over a cluster bomb near Tyre in the last week of the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war. Handicap International says children make up 24% of casualties, and Mohammed is one of many cluster bomb survivor children across the world.