Interested in: Equality, Discrimination, Women's rights, Access to information, Internet access, Women rights in Asian culture

I want people to face the reality of human rights issues by seeing data. Once being aware of the truth, we will take actions to move forward to equality.

Sey Min is a data visualization artist and designer, whose interest is in dealing with live data sets in various media formats. She makes projects that reimagine how humans relate to technologies, to societies and cities, and to environments. Combining elements of environmentology, visual art, programming and data storytelling, her projects range from building a real time interactive information graphics system for a music club (“Gender Ratio”, 2007) to visualizing Seoul City expenditure data (“City DATA: Seoul Daily Expenditure”, 2014).

Her works have been shown at Korea National Museum of Modern and Contemporary art, TED 2011, TEDGlobal 2012, Art Center Nabi in Seoul, Lift conference experience, and have featured on CNN Asia, Lift09, and She was named a 2011 TED Fellow, and a 2012 TED Senior Fellow. She is the founder of randomwalks, a data visualization studio in Korea.