Project Light

Global Art Campaign


Almost 300 million people worldwide live with visual impairment, of these 39 million are blind. However, the majority (80%) are blind from curable or preventable conditions. Most people needing eye care don’t have access to basic services, with most, 90%, living in developing countries. This is a solvable issue within our lifetime.

We believe that everyone, no matter where they live, deserves access to vision and healthcare.

Fine Acts is joining forces with Peek Vision, lead by eye surgeon and TED Fellow Andrew Bastawrous, on the PROJECT LIGHT campaign. It aims to:

  • Raise global awareness of the issue;

  • Drive local action, increase public engagement and achieve mass participation;

  • Influence policy makers.

PROJECT LIGHT is a global contemporary art project that brings together some of the world’s finest artists to shed light on this issue. 39 prominent contemporary artists (from the Fine Acts collective & beyond), each representing one million blind people, will be invited to create their own campaign-specific piece. The multi-year project also features a massive participatory component, as well as the creation of a single, powerful installation to be revealed on World Sight Day 2020.

PROJECT LIGHT is a project in progress.