Interested in: Freedom, Equality, Dignity, Gender inequality, Racial inequality, Discrimination, Women's rights, Children's rights, LGBT rights, Refugee rights, Rights of people with disabilities, Right to life, No torture, Fair trial, Freedom of movement, Freedom of thought, conscience, religion, Freedom of opinion/expression/speech, Freedom of assembly/association, Right to health, Right to education, Right to work, Equal pay for equal work, Prisons, Hate crimes, Access to information, Internet access

I want to use storytelling to give a voice to those working to better the world and amplify their impact.

Nate Mook is currently producing an HBO documentary about Baltimore 1 year after the uprising. In addition to producing TEDx events around the world, Nate is a filmmaker with What Took You So Long, which specializes in supporting social impact projects with services including research and scriptwriting through to full video production and post-production. With its team of 12 filmmakers, WTYSL has worked on projects in over 80 countries, highlighting the change makers of the world with partners ranging from small non-profits to the Clinton Foundation and United Nations, as well as multinational companies such as Nestle.