Lead Characters


Lead Characters is a social campaign focusing on the need for the abolition of guardianship for persons with disabilities.  

Today, tens of thousands of people with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities around the world are stripped of their legal capacity, and placed under guardianship. Everything is decided for these people - from where and with whom to live, to what to wear or eat today. Many of them are placed in institutions, against their will, with no way out, until the day they die. The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, ratified by most countries, requires that all forms of guardianship must be abolished, and replaced with supported decision making. This means that countries must adapt their legislation and practices. However, guardianship remains the norm in almost every country around the world.

Without the right to decide, persons with disabilities are denied their humanity.

Lead Characters is a campaign that puts self-advocates in the ‘limelight’, where they belong. The cornerstone of the campaign is a creative video, supported by a series of visuals for social media, postcards to be sent to Members of Parliament, and a free zine for the general public.   

Lead Characters launches in Summer 2019.