Fine Acts Labs are events that explore the intersection of human rights, art and technology, and develop a range of solutions - from immersive, participatory art pieces to apps with an art component.

The art&tech ideas born through this format (a unique type of a hack-art-on) aim to raise awareness or contribute to a concrete solution. By communicating human rights issues in new, unexpected ways, we seek novel avenues to inspire action and attract support.

The pilot event took place in lovely Sofia on July 14-16 2017, and was dedicated to women's rights; with a focus on violence against women, including domestic violence and sexual harassment, gender stereotypes, gender pay gap and lack of equal opportunities for women, as well as lack of participation of women in politics and business.

Supported by mentors, teams of artists and technologists worked together over the weekend. Team members met for the first time on Friday evening, and had to present a prototype in less than 48 hrs.

The winning team received a development grant from Fine Acts. All teams were granted further support from a range of experts and mentors.




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Maksim & Peruna

Maksim Stoimenov, drummer, copywriter

Peruna Keremidchieva, front-end developer

One in four women in Bulgaria have been victims of domestic violence. Neighbours in post-communist societies are quick to interfere or call the police when they hear any loud noise, just not noise from a verbal or physical fight, as domestic violence is widely considered a “personal matter”.

Maksim and Peruna presented the First Screaming Drumset, a physical interactive installation that meets the public's dread of discomfort with the actual problem of domestic violence.

Find out more about this work at Project Beat.

Borislava & Anton

Borislava Karadzhova, illustrator and graphic designer

Anton Stoychev, technologist, podcast producer

77% of women under 40 in Bulgaria have been followed by a man or a group of men over the past year. 45% of women report that they do not feel safe when they walk alone at night.

Borislava and Anton’s project is Grace, an app and volunteer-led phone service that makes you feel safer when you walk home alone.

Nikoleta & Yordan

Nikoleta Alexieva, artist, stage designer

Yordan Stoyanov, product engineer, hardware and firmware developer

Women in Bulgaria are paid on average 14% less than men for equal work. In the EU women earn 86 cents for each euro a man gets at their level/position and with their qualifications.

Nikoleta and Yordan presented Sweet Revenge, an interactive installation where a vending machine fights back the lack of equal pay.

Sofia & Todor

Sofia Hussein, fashion and costume designer

Todor Balabanov, developer

According to a study by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, the highest percentage of physical or sexual violence cases over the past 12 months across all EU countries have been registered in Bulgaria (6%).

Sofia and Todor presented a series of smart fashion accessories that document scenes of violence, particularly domestic violence, necessary for police investigations.

Alexandra & Ekaterina

Alexandra Ramirez, artist, designer, tattooist

Ekaterina Mihaylova, technologist

The pink tax refers to retailers charging women more than men for similar products. A recent Times investigation claimed that women and girls are charged, on average, 37% more for clothes, beauty products and toys

Alexandra & Ekaterina’s idea is a platform aiming to raise awareness about the “pink tax” issue.

Watch this space for further developments and news about the projects.




Nia Kiriakova    TimeHeroes

Nia Kiriakova

Svetla Baeva    Fine Acts

Svetla Baeva
Fine Acts

Yana Dimitrova    Glow Bulgaria

Yana Dimitrova
Glow Bulgaria

Radostina Georgieva    Bulgarian Helsinki Committee

Radostina Georgieva
Bulgarian Helsinki Committee




Adriana Andreeva / Studio Komplekt ,  Yana Buhrer Tavanier / Fine Acts ,  Dimitar Dimitrov / Rails Girls Sofia

Adriana Andreeva/Studio KomplektYana Buhrer Tavanier/Fine ActsDimitar Dimitrov/Rails Girls Sofia




Kevork Vanlyan - Photography

Ana Kremenlieva - Design