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Fakery is a creative campaign, which we produced with the goal to increase media literacy and counter fake news and disinformation. The campaign will launch on 3 May 2019, World Press Freedom Day.

A core element of the campaign is a social experiment, based on sensational fake news, which we created and spread in media. We filmed the experiment in order to illustrate in a humorous and engaging way the effect of fake news.

Behind the idea of Fakery (The Fake News Bakery) are the stage designer Iliyana Kancheva and the IT programmer Ivan Shulev. The project was the winner of the second edition of ACT Labs – innovative events where multidisciplinary teams of artists and technologists seek solutions to pressing human rights issues.

ACT Labs are unique events that explore the intersection of human rights, art and technology, and develop a range of solutions - from immersive art pieces to apps with a strong art component. In Labs, teams of artists and technologists work together over a weekend to prototype ideas that raise awareness or provide solutions for a specific problem. A judging panel then awards the best ideas.