A Day in the Life


One day of a woman’s life is a campaign video that aims at counteracting negative stereotypes against refugees and migrants, and at supporting their integration.

Currently, in many societies reduced direct contact with refugees and the widespread sensational media coverage of the refugee plight have amplified the fear of differences in cultural customs and religious beliefs.

The video provides a glimpse into the life of Neely Rifai-Antonova, a refugee, daughter of a Syrian and Indian family, who’s found her place in an Eastern European capital. The video strives to show that we are more alike than we are different - in our everyday rituals, daily rhythms, the understanding of home, security and care.

Shortly after its launch, the video was circulated in all subway stations in Sofia for a full month, and was featured at the Global Migration Film Festival in the city.

One day of a woman’s life was conceptualized, directed, shot and edited by filmmaker Martin Grahovski and produced by Fine Acts, with the kind support of the Bulgarian Fund for Women and in cooperation with Caritas Sofia and Swimming Pool Gallery.