This Is Me

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Romani people constitute one of Bulgaria’s largest ethnic minorities. They face a series of interconnected problems from lack of access to adequate housing and healthcare to less than 1% receiving a university education.

The photography project focuses on a Roma community living in a segregated neighborhood in Sofia, Bulgaria. It shines a light on the specific problems the community faces, including recent forced evictions and loss of homes.

Roma are often depicted negatively in media. This is me is a project that allows people to show themselves in a way they wish to be seen and heard. By working together with the community, the project aims to counter and escape the established negative stereotypes that are so loud and divisive.

We are collaborating with photographer Vesselina Nikolaeva on a series of portraits, and with illustrator Borislava Willnevermadeit on depicting little known Romani historical figures.

The photography action launches in Summer 2019. It will be featured in Inside Out, a global, community-based art project, initiated by the prominent artist JR, which aims to transform untold stories and personal messages about a social issue into art.